Saturday, June 26, 2010

He was right!

A long, long time ago...
in a land far, far away...

okay, so I was attending a little college, Emmaus Bible College,
in a little town in Iowa,
it seems like another lifetime -
(especially now that we are looking into colleges 
for our firstborn!)

This was my favorite song in college.
I really wanted to be a missionary overseas.
I wanted God to show me where to go,
I was thinking Africa!
Though I really wanted to go,
and I knew there was a need to share God's love,
I never felt that I had God's favor or calling.

I also had a wonderful friend, Rodney.
He was one of a kind -  I could tell you a ton of stories,
he was my best friend in 
(and true friend - not boy friend or anything like that 
-more like a big brother, I guess)

Anyway, he would always tell me that I was going to be 
a missionary to Asia.
He was crazy! 
I would tell him, "maybe Africa - but not Asia."
And he would argue back,
"Fine.  You can go to Africa,
but girl
God needs you in Asia first."

It didn't dawn on my until we were in China,
adopting Jailyn.
I was having some quiet time with God and Jailyn,
and God reminded me of Rodney's encouraging
words -
"You will be a missionary to Asia. 
I can see you surrounded by Asian children."

And here I sit today with 2 beautiful Asian children,
and waiting on our child/ren from Africa.

Truly God gave Bryan and I a love for children -
but who knew God would lead us to where we are.

Praise God send us where the need is great -
and laborers are few.

Are you willing to go?

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Chris said...

How cool!

Is your friend prophetic???

I just love how God works!!!



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