Friday, June 25, 2010

Book Club!

As I had mentioned earlier,
the big kids and I decided,
(okay, so I decided and they didn't complain
too much!)
to do a Book Club this summer.

I have never been in a Book Club.
I like to read,
but really I don't read as much as I should -
life just gets busy, 
and I usually fall asleep when reading, 
so then I have to re-read.

by Gary Chapman.
Though the book is written for the parents of teens,
and my kids were confused or
agrumentative with some of the points Mr. Chapman
brought up,
this brought up some great conversations between 
myself and the kids.

Emotions are a gray area,
and most of my kids live in a black and white world.
This study and discussion has been wonderful
to help us understand each other,
and to help us understand ourselves!  

As we took the Love Language test,
we found out that our family really craves 
Quality Time! 

Sooo, I guess my decision to do this book study,
and take Tuesday afternoon as
our scheduled lunch date,
was a good idea.
We all had a great time and learned about 
ourselves and each other.

We still have half the book to go -
so next week it is Conner's turn to choose what we
do for lunch and we will finish our discussion.

To my surprise,
when we were finishing up our discussion, 
the kids asked what book we will do next.

I through out a few ideas - 
and they want to do a study on the book of

If any of you have any suggestions of a study book that
can help us with Revelation -
I would really appreciate it!


Catching Butterflies 3 said...

very cool idea

Shonni said...

Jodi, I changed computers awhile back...and I thought that you wrote that ya'll were coming to CO, but for the life of me, I can't find it...
Were ya'll coming this way?


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