Sunday, June 27, 2010

Isn't she cute?

Be still my heart! 
How I wish I could bring her home,

 I was given permission to ask Jailyn's craniofacial surgeon
to read over her file.
This is what he had to say:

 I think that this little girl probably has bifacial microsomia. 
All this basically means is that there is reduced growth, 
of varying degrees, of each side of the mandible and incompletely formed ears. 
The external ears can be reconstructed with her own ribs at about age 8, 
with a procedure called microtia reconstruction, which I can do.  
The initial treatment for this child would be to first get her 
bony conductive hearing aids from an ENT.  
She should also have a sleep study to rule out obstructive sleep apnea, 
because of the incompletely formed lower jaw. 

All in all, kids with bifacial microsomia are basically normal kids, 
with the exception of what I have mentioned.

I just love his last sentence...
"kids with bifacial microsomia are basically 
normal kids..."

Just a normal kiddo who wants to be loved,
and to learn to love.
A normal kiddo who wants to be the princess in 
her household, 
to play with siblings,
to be cuddled as she falls asleep her parents arms.

Please pray with me for this little sweetie -
that her forever family would find her soon!

Amy at Lifeline Children Services would love to 
help you learn more about little Elin! 


nikimac said...

PRAYING.....what a beautiful little pumkin.

Kim K. said...

Be still my heart. Oh my. She's just precious. We're back home and I'm sneaking in a few of my favorite blogs. I just updated our blog with a few pics.

Anonymous said...


Amy said...

Any word yet on a family for her? I sooo wish we could adopt again!!


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