Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer Study

I love to use the summer to re-connect with
my kids.
Sometimes it just seems that we are so busy
during the school year that
we don't take the time to really get to
know each other.
And as the kids get older,
they have their own schedules -
ohhh how I miss the younger days
when I set their schedules!

This school year,
we have had some breaks in communication 
within our family.

People not feeling like they are being heard,
and others meaning what they said.

So, we decided to do a family study on 
Gary Chapman's book,
5 Love Languages.
But, since we have a 16 year old,
a 13 year old,
and an 11 year old,
we decided to do the teenager version.

I just ordered the books and am 
incredibly excited to get this study going!

Have any of you done this study before?

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