Thursday, May 6, 2010


As we looked through some photos 
of Jorja and her friends in China.
(Jorja front and center)

Jorja has never been able to tell us her nannies name.
I'm not sure if she just didn't like her,
or if she was a new nanny and 
Jorja really doesn't know her name.
or Jorja just had no connection with
her and didn't care to learn her name.

I asked Jorja, 
"Who took care of you in China?"

Jorja answered,
Jesus took care of me in China,
and helped me wait for you.
You take too long."

Yes, Jorja - We did take too long.
Jesus did care for you!
And we are so thankful that He did!


Kim K. said... sweet. I truly wonder how much Josie remembers of her time at the orphanage? She was 21 months when she came to be with our family. One of her nannies brought her to our hotel and she still enjoys watching that video over and over again.

connie said...

Oh my word, that brings me to tears! Sweet words!

bugs parents said...

Wow - that's amazing. I'm so glad she's in a family now that will continue to lead her in her relationship with Jesus. How special that she knew, even then, that He was taking care of her.

Anonymous said...
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