Friday, May 7, 2010

Birth-Mother's Day

We will never know why Jorja and Jailyn's 
birth parents decided to abandon them.
We can speculate -
Jailyn was born with cleft lip and palate.
She was found with a loving note and money
attached to the blanket that she 
was swaddled in. 

Jorja was found at a bus stop in a small rural town.
She had no visible special needs.
Was she abandoned just because she was a girl?

My heart breaks for these birth mothers.

Nine months of pregnancy is hard on the body!
The hopes and dreams that a mother
experiences during those nine months - 
I've never experienced in any other way.
Every time that little miracle moves and kicks her mother,
she is reminded of those dreams.

When we left for the airport Dec 26th, 2008
to fly to China to meet Jorja,
I cried the whole way to the airport.
I was excited to meet my little girl and 
bring her home,
but I was torn with the fact
that I was leaving 4 kiddo's behind.
I knew I would be back,
I knew I would see them in 14 days.
But, I still was completely torn to have to be leaving them.
And I continued to be home sick until we
all 7 of us were finally together!

How did these birth mother's do it?
What strength they had to hope and dream for 
a better life for their daughters.

I have read books and heard stories about mothers
who have smothered their children,
who have left their children in trash cans,
who have drawn them in the bath tub,

Though we will never know the truth,
and what was the deciding factor for Jorja and Jailyn's 
birth mothers to abandon them -
this I know,
I am incredibly thankful to these families
who gave them hope.
Hope that they would have a full life.
That they would learn how to love,
and how to sacrifice for the good of someone else.
In turn, as their adoptive mother,
I pray that I can carry on this legacy for her.
That I can help them learn to be good people,
to think of others before themselves,
to love Jesus with their whole heart.

And I pray that God will speak to their birth families,
and that someday we will be united
together with our heavenly father.

Today, in the adoption world
Birth-Mother's Day is honored.
Take a moment to pray for birth-mothers
and the choices that they make for
their children and the emotional
times ahead for them.


Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

nothing like a good little cry early on a Saturday morning! I think we will plant a pretty flower with our little ones!

Kim K. said...

We've been talking about China this morning with Josie. She still doesn't fully understand any of this quite yet, but it's important that we recognize her past. Her birth mother's decision to abandon is the ultimate sacrifice and we are forever grateful. Extra hugs to all the adoptive parents and their kiddos today!

Happy Mother's day tomorrow!!


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