Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Crazy Love

If you have never checked out A Place Called Simplicity,
you must!
Linny is incredibly encouraging,
her and her husband's love for Jesus
and the orphan is overflowing.
(some day I totally want to go on a mission trip with them!)
Linny has recently began a blog challenge.
She began asking people to share their needs,
and asking each of us to help meet each
others needs through prayer and or action.
Linny has encouraged me to look out to
others and help in their time of need.
Today is Challenge #3
Linny is asking us, who are raising funds for adoption
to post about it. 
Thank you Linny for helping all of us get word out about
our fundraisers!

As many of you know,
we are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia. 
We are incredibly excited for our newest addition.
Presently we are in full force of 
paper work and fund raising.
our house is a mess with treasures 
that have been donated to our garage sale,
scheduled for this weekend! 

We have been blessed by so many friends who 
have donated their unneeded treasures to help us 
raise funds.

I am also making little girl dresses.
I began making these dresses as we were in
the "wait" for Jorja in 2008.
My girls and I have had a great time
designing these dresses.

We are also selling these fun t-shirts!
"Truly Blessed" 

We feel so blessed to have been called to 
care for the orphan,
and have obeyed and taken the leap of faith 
to add to our family through adoption -
God has Truly Blessed us!
With a little bling we want to share with everyone else!

How have you been blessed?
We would love to hear from you if you would like to 
help with our fund raising.
Or if you have any other ideas for us.

We know God is calling us to adoption again,
we are trusting Him to provide the needed fees.
If we sell another 51 t-shirts in the next month,
my eldest son will get his hair cut in a mohawk.
(Brady loves his hair!  
But loves his baby brother even more!)

Thank you in advance for your prayers
as we get closer to bringing our little guy home!

(Also, any financial donations to our adoption will
be paid forward.
When we receive our tax credit we will match any 
donations and pay it forward to another adoptive family.) 

Please also check out the other blogs of people running 
fund raisers at A Place Called Simplicity 


Kim K. said...

Jodi - I'm sending an email. I'd like to order a Chloe style dress in a 3T for Josie.

Holly said...

I LOVE these!! Are they machine washable?
I know we are fundraising too, but hey...our little girl is going to need some clothes when she gets here, right?
Is the Olivia machine washable? Not sure with the pom-poms.
I would order a 3T though to be safe.
Email me at
Thanks and may the Lord continue to supply!
Oh and I'm here from Linny's blog..and am on her linky too...Purpose Driven Beading :)


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