Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Truly Blessed Tuesday

This face...

has had many changes...

and a few surgeries...
(3 so far)

and will have a few more...

but her beautiful personality shines through 
no matter how many surgeries she has
to go through.
(Does she look pleased with herself. or what?)

We are Truly Blessed to 
have Dr. Fearon in our life!!!

This weekend was the first time Jailyn 
was able to use a sippy cup with a suctioner!
She was so excited!

"I love Dr. Fearon! 
He helped my mouth work!"


Tell us how you have been Truly Blessed!


Kim K. said...

The medical expertise available to us is truly a blessing. I can't imagine the future Josie would have faced without her necessary heart corrections. Congratulations on your daughter's sippy cup milestone!!

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Jailyn is so lucky to have you..! You're really wonderful for the compassion and love you are extending.. I highly praise you..

Chris said...

It is truly amazing what a few surgeries can do!!!

My daughter was so proud of herself when she finally could use a straw!!!
Shea has had four surgeries so far with quite a few more to go. Thankfully we are at a 'lull' right now....we are waiting until some of her baby teeth fall out....then the surgeries will begin again!! :(


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