Monday, May 10, 2010

Garage Sale

There is a reason why I don't do
garage sales! 

Don't get me wrong,
I love to shop them - 
but hosting a sale is a whole 'nother

We were incredibly blessed by so many 
friends who donated their treasures for
our sale! 
Sooo many that the first day,
we never did get everything out 
and displayed!

The sale was supposed to begin at 8am,
but as soon as the signs were put out
people began coming.
I had some tables out on our drive way,
but there were no items on them.
The shoppers waited and began shopping
as soon as we began bringing things out.

And it never slowed down until about 1:30pm!
$530 on the first day!

Saturday morning started slower,
and much more managable.
I felt so much better,
so much more organized!
but kinda nervous that we wouldn't sell
all the remaining items!

Kenzie and I were able to spend some times coming
up with a Garage Sale list of 
do's and don'ts -
we will share this later in the week for y'all.

This weekends efforts brought in over
(about $600 more then we thought!)

All in all a great weekend!
God provided beautiful weather,
and lots of shoppers!
And invaluable volunteers!

Left over treasures will be heading over to 
our local Salvation Army and
their clothing pantry. 
And the Leukemia Society.

Though it was stressful and out of my comfort zone -
I would do it all over again,
if it brings us closer to our son coming home.

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Kim K. said...

Good for you! That's wonderful news about your garage sale earnings!! I'm so uncomfortable hosting garage sales. I'm good at organizing and labeling things, but my husband has been the ONLY one to ever run our garage sales. I've purposely scheduled them during his K-12 summer break while I'm safely tucked away at work.


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