Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Do's and Don'ts of Garage Sales

Though I felt that our garage sale was a huge success,
there were plenty of things we learned 
this weekend.

I had googled everything to do with garage sales
weeks before,
from pricing to advertising,
and placement of products.
Some things I agree with and some 
just didn't work for us. 

1)  Craig's List!  Love it!
A definite "Do"!
Rather then spending money advertising in local news papers,
we put our add on Craig's List for free! 
And did you know that if you make a minor change in the 
title of your advertisement, 
it'll put you at the top of the daily listings! 

2) Signage
Nothing seemed to work for us.
On Friday I put up nice signs that I had purchased  -
easy to read.
Nothing fancy, just neat legible,
but they disappeared half way through the day.
On Saturday, 
I used a box, with a paint can holding it down
(so it wouldn't get blown away)
and it disappeared also. 

Not sure how there are still neighbors garage sale signs still standing,
two days after their sale... ummmm

3) Placement
Ever article I found had said to put toys and a FREE box 
near the street - so drive by's could see them.
I disagree with this! 
I spent too much time worrying about kids
playing in the boxes 
and watching cars come way to close to the kids.
Scared me to death!

4) Organization
Sometimes now matter how hard you try to organize -
it wont stay that way! 
Try to stay up on it - 
but don't worry too much!
We also closed our garage door and had everything in the yard
and drive way - this helped with people not wanting buy
our lawnmower and kids toys that were not for sale.

5) HELP!!!
Ohhhhh my lands!!! 
Do this with a friend! 
Or ask friends to help you! 
I am so incredibly thankful to my hubby,
and our friends Chris, AnnaMarie and Jackie!
Without them I would have gone nuts!
They just jumped in, 
made deals, helped sort things,
and gave me hugs through out the day!

6) Sunscreen
Please don't forget your sunscreen! 
I did!
and wear a hat!
Today my scalp is peeling - lovely! 

7) $
I had fanny packs for myself and my volunteers.
We were able to be hands free while sorting
and helping customers,
but were not worried about money walking off.
If you set up a check out table,
place it near the street,
it may cut down on people grabbing things as they walk off.

8) Leave your shoes on
or they may walk off 
(just saying...)

9) Bake Sale
Don't put too much work into this,
but it does add a cute aspect to your
garage sale 
and seems to put people in a good mood
seeing little helpers!
Plus, it kept Jailyn and Jorja busy.

10) Pricing
Our prices were low - but people still 
want lower.
Being naive I thought people would just 
like the low prices.
I should have listened to friends, and raised the prices 
and then come down.

Last but not least,
Support a charity - if you get a receipt -
the tax break can be as good as cash that you
earn at a sale.

Hope this helps!


Kim K. said...

Great list of tips. I bet you are happy that it's all over with. It's so much work. I'm glad your garage sale was a success.

Anonymous said...

pleasure to find such a good artical! please keep update!! ........................................


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