Friday, May 14, 2010

Karate Chick!

Jorja began karate lessons this past week.
She was so very excited!

Unfortunately, she had to wait a week longer
then expected due to 
"attitude gone bad".

when she finally put that uniform on,
and stepped on the mat
as a 
karate chick...
instant pride!

She has been working hard 
on being able to join her little sister in
this class!

Kenzie and Conner are black belts,
going for their 2nd degree
and Jailyn is a 
"Little Dragon" orange belt.

I love that Jorja is now able to join her siblings in this
sport, but also learn discipline
and self confidence for herself!  

Proud girls!
(who have just drank from a drinking fountain -
we still don't have the hang of that.)


Anonymous said...

Love it! Way to go Jorga. Sue

Kim K. said...

Very cool. I just love their smiles. I need to get Josie involved with some type of extra curricular activity. She would love it.

Chris said...

She looks very happy!! Love that smile!!

Livin' out loud said...

ADORABLE!!!! We love karate too!!



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