Thursday, May 13, 2010

"I mean to you..."

For those who have been with us for a year,
or longer - 
you know how unhappy Jorja was with me
when we first met...
a few month ago this is what she told me...
"I mean to you in China."

I answered,
"yes, you were."

She continued,
"I no like your clothes."


then she said,

"I nice sometimes."

and I agreed, 
"Yes, you were nice sometimes."
She added,
"I liked your necklace"

Ohhhh my Diva!
I'm not too sure what kind of Momma she
had in her dreams -
maybe they watch a lot of
Project Runway at the orphanage.

And a runway model I am NOT!

This weekend,
Jorja's newest saying,
when she comes to me for snuggles is,

"I be good today,
because I love you!"

Bonding as an adoptive family can be a roller coaster ride,
but the better we get to know each other
the more we understand each other,
and the more patient we are with each other,

the more we love each other unconditionally!


Kim K. said...

That emotional rollercoaster is such a beasty ride in the attachment/bonding process. I'm so glad to be going down the other side of that rollercoaster now. Hugs.

Kat said...

I just saw your blog link on Ethiopia it. Attachment is a process when many think it's instantaneous. SO true and your kids are ADORABLE!!!


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