Sunday, May 16, 2010


For High School credit Brady has had to take 2 years of a foreign language.
He took 1 year of Spanish in Middle School,
and well...
let's just say,
it just wasn't for him. 

The stress of deciding on a foreign language
for HS scared him to death.
Thinking if he can't "get" Spanish,
how is he going to "get" Latin or Madarin?

I saw that they were offering American Sign Language 
as a foreign language.

I usually don't push what classes he should take,
but this one I did. 
And we are so glad that I did!

He has a wonderful teacher,
they hit it off immediately!
She is a Christian and a leader of
our local Young Life.

And Sign Language is just what Brady needed!
It has come to him so naturally!
He uses it every Sunday at church,
signing the worship songs.
His friends ask him how he can be in ASL III
when he is only a Sophomore.
(He's in ASL I)

It is amazing how ASL has helped Brady
control his ADHD.
He is constantly signing -
which could drive a person nuts,
except if he wasn't signing, 
he would be jumping around 
driving everyone nuts.
This may be a lesser of two evils -  
but we like it!

If you have a child who is ADHD -
try ASL!
They may like it!
They can move their hands
and not get in trouble!
It gives them another way to focus
on what is being said to them and
therefore they are receiving the information twice.

If you are local, and
you would be interested in your child
learning sign this summer -
Brady would love to offer some classes.
Let us know! 
I truly believe that you wont be sorry!


Catching Butterflies 3 said...

super idea

Kat said...

My daughter LOVES signing! She's done signing in our local Leadership training since 3rd grade and LOVES it! Awesome!!!!

Kim K. said...

That's a fantastic idea. Such a worthwhile skill. Just imagine the opportunities and careers this skill could open up too.

Tena said...

Yeah for Brady for finding a language that works for him and Yeah for you for being such an advocate for ALL of your kids! Yeah! Yeah!!


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