Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Truly Blessed: Boy time!!!

Our little angels get so much attention,
and who wouldn't give them attention...

they're so cute!

I do love special time with my boys!
And am Truly Blessed that my boys
want to hang out with me!

and when another teenager joins us 
that is fine too!
(We call him "son" too)

Even if it is quiet time in the ER.
Okay, so the donuts were much better - 
but one has to find quality time 
whenever and where ever
you can get it!

Conner is fine.
Jammed his fingers at school - 
but nothing was broken! 

 Truly Blessed Tuesday -
give credit where credit is due!

Share with us how God has blessed you!
Has he brought a special friend into your life,
has he supplied for your needs,
in what ways are you blessed?
Share your blessing as a comment or
make your own post on your blog,
and leave your link as a comment

1 comment:

Kim K. said...

Yep. I totally understand making sure all your kiddos feel special and important. I'm glad Connor's fingers are ok. Seeing that big bandage doesn't look good.


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