Monday, January 11, 2010

Old memories...

experiences from her past

she is beginning to share...

and my heart is breaking!

I beg for prayers from y'all
as we strengthen our bond.

And as my daughter begins to heal!


Kim K. said...

Thinking and praying for your sweet little girl.

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

This part (their memories) is so cool -- the little adoptees won't be able to remember. It's also hard when their memories are not so happy.

I boiled an egg for a salad the other day and Alaina began to tell me that her China Grandma (foster mom) cooked eggs like that. It was Alaina's job to go get the eggs from the family chickens!!! First we have heard about her having chickens! She looked at me kinda funny and said, "Mommy, how come we have no chickens in Georgia?"

Dee said...

We love you and know the statement, "In China....." as things come out. Evelyn doesn't share too much about what she calls her, "China House." Which, we have defined as Suixi. Although we did have one bad thing happen- I was being stern with her about listening (which she struggles with) and she recoiled like I was going to hit her! I started to cry. I was not yelling or anything. What did they go through before us?


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