Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Girls Weekend!

Who new I needed a girls weekend this badly?
God did!
My very dear friend, Karen, from Omaha called last month and asked when I would be available for her to visit.
I love when friends invite themselves over! :)

Knowing that another friend, Sue, was in desperate need of a girls weekend since the first moment I met her - almost 3 years ago! I called her and invited her to join us.  Sue lives in Chicago.

Sue and Karen had never met each other -
but I knew they would get along famously!
and I was correct!

My girlfriends were helpful with my kids schedules,
and my church volunteer commitments,
and waited patiently as I got over a severe headache on Friday morning -
clear sign I needed a girls weekend!

Since my hubby needed our only vehicle that seats the all the kids and J and J's carseats - I had to humble myself to ask to borrow a friends truck. (I hate to ask for things!)  Thank you Chris and AnnaRe!

The weekend was full of laughter and goofy girl stuff!
We were able to share our daily struggles,
we were able to laugh at each other,
and celebrate God's accomplishments in our lives.

Girls weekend....

It's a good thing!

Thanks for coming to see me girls!
Miss you already!


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