Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thankful Thursday!

Four years ago today Jailyn's birth mother
placed her in a cardboard box,
wrapped in a blanket,
and placed her on side of a busy street
for her to be found.

A man made a call to the local police
to tell them of an abandoned child.

And Jailyn was found.

My heart aches for the decision
she had to make that day.

To carry this beautiful child for 9 months.

To feel her first kick...
her first hiccup...
To feel her in the middle of the night
which kept her awake.
All the changes a woman's body goes through
while she experiences
the miracle of pregnancy.

And then...

to have to lay her baby girl
in a card board box,

kiss her one more time,


walk away.

I am sooo incredibly thankful that Jailyn is part
of our family!
But, I am also saddened
for her birth mother and
the pain that she must experience
every day -

but especially this day.


Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

EVERY SINGLE time I think of that happening (so many times each day) I start to cry... I just can't even begin to imagine what their mommies must go thru each day and each time their birthdays roll around... perfect post...

Dee said...

I think about that often myself and pray often that evelyn's birth mother somehow, so connected to the spirit of the child she had to leave, knows that her daughter is loved and cared for-


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