Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"If I color on the walls...

you still love me!"
"You no happy, but you still love me."
(and yes, this happens very often!)

"Yes, Jorja! I may not be happy,
but I still love you!"

"I disobey you...
you still love me."

"Yes, sweetie!"

"You no happy." adds Jorja.

"That's correct!" I responded.

"But, you still love me!
Mamma no go bye bye!"

"That's right babe -
Mamma no go bye bye!"

hugs! hugs! hugs!

Jorja then added,
"Mamma, say 'See you later',
but Mamma come back!
No bye bye!!"

"That's right Jorja!"
and more hugs!

I think she might get it!
At least in her head -
just praying she will believe it with her heart!

We have loved reading this book over and over!
I suggest it for everyone for your kids to
understand the love a parent has for their kiddos!

Why do you love me? by Dr. Laura Schlessinger


Theresa said...

What a sweetie!

bugs parents said...

It's so nice she can express herself and her feelings to you. That's got to help her process things.

Sometimes it's hard to remain patient with them, but when you can get the feedback that it's really sinking in, it makes all the struggles worthwhile.

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

We read "Love you like Crazy Cakes" the other day and it really confused Alaina. She understands that Ally came from an Orphanage (place with lots of kids and nannies to take care of them), but doesn't understand who her foster family is -- all in time...

Jodi Sue said...

Lucy, Jorja gets confused with that book too - because she wasn't a baby when we went to get her. She thinks is is only a book for Jailyn. :(
Maybe we need to write an adoptive kids book for older kids. :)

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

Let's get that book started! If I remember correctly, you and Jorja first bonded over clothes shopping in Guangzhou!!! Alaina's new thing is "fairness" -- and she wants a new name - she prefers "Star Crystal" over Alaina... hey - are you on Facebook?


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