Wednesday, September 30, 2009


My sweet baby girl is 4!!!!
Happy Birthday Jailyn!

making her wheat free/gluten free cake!

what does wheat free/gluten free batter taste like?

She likes it -
that's what matters!

Course, we made cupcakes
and she is calling them her muffins...
So I guess that is what she is eating
for breakfast.
Hey, ya' only turn 4 once!!


Valerie said...

Happy Birthday sweet and lovely Jailyn.

Why gluten/wheat free...does she have allergies?

I can't wait to see you all tomorrow.

Love Valerie

bugs parents said...

Happy Birthday Jailyn!!!

Well, cake is cake (or muffins!) at that age! Hope she enjoyed her special day.

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

Didn't realize that she and Sara shared a b'day! How fun is that?


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