Monday, October 26, 2009

Princess Jailyn

Some of you might remember last spring
when Jailyn had an attach of abdominal pains...

we first thought it was appendicitis,
then thought pancreatitis,

but we have found out finally found
what it truly is...

Jailyn has bi-lateral Vesicoureteral Refux.
Or reflux of the urinary tract.
This is the cause of her frequent
abdominal pain and UIT's.
The next test is the process is a
2 hour IV test,
to see if there is any scaring in
her kidneys.

After this test,
and depending on the results,
we will decided to either
wait and see if she out grows it,
or choose one of two different
types of surgery.

As our biological daughter, Kenzie, also suffers
with this condition,
we are familiar with the
but every child is different.
We would appreciate your prayers for our
sweet princess.

Jailyn also has an appointment with
her plastic surgeon,
and their speech therapist
this next month.
Last we talked to the surgeon
his timeline for her surgeries
has her schedule for more plastic surgery
before she turns 5 -
that would be this year.

It might be a rough year for our


Shonni said...

I will be praying for your little princess Jailyn...she is so cute!

NiHao Nepal said...

We are already praying for our new sweet friend!


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