Monday, October 19, 2009

Photo Session

Gone Wild!!!!

I love watching my kiddo's be goofy together!
Especially these two!

They both have come a long way!
All by the grace of God!


Party of Seven said...

What a great lookin family! It has been awhile since I have caught up on all the blogs I read. It was nice catching up on yours!!!

I love the spider cookie idea! What did you use for eyes?

Jodi Sue said...

Hey April!
Jailyn has a play date on Friday, while I get a root canal- ugh! She has requested that we bring fixin's for Spider Cookies to her friend. :)
The eyes are chocolate chips attached with vanilla frosting.
Have fun!!!
it's great to see you again! Wish we could get some snow down here! :)

Heather BT said...

I've been gone for months! glad to be here catching up.


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