Sunday, October 11, 2009

A bit of ADHD!

What puts a beautiful smile on this
little girls face?

Story time?
she likes this time but... no

Homemade cookies?

Tea party...
now we are getting warmer!


Only one thing!

Nothing like a closet full of clothes
and a few pairs of shoes!

This weekend we went through Jorja and Jailyn's
summer clothes, putting them away for next year.

getting out boxes of clothes that were given
to us from friends, and some of Kenzie's
old clothes.

Hand-me-downs are the best!
And Jorja agrees!!!
Huge smiles, hugs, screaming "thank you"
and not being able to focus on
anything but all the "new" clothes!!!


Amy in Arizona said...

Adorable pictures of Jorja!! That is so fun that she is loving all of her new clothes! Happy fall!!

Jill said...

How awesome! A "new" closet full of clothes!! It would be like Christmas to me too! I LOVE fall!!

Dee said...

We have the same thing happening here. Evelyn LOVES clothes so so much. She asks for a shirt every time we go to Target. I try not to spoil her!


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