Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thankful Thursday!

Many of the bloggers I follow do a Thursday entry called... Thankful Thursday.
I usually forget to add my post until Friday, and so I end up not doing it at all.
Not that I am not thankful!!
I'm just not good at deadlines - I'm usually really early or late - never exactly on time.
(So, here I am on Wednesday typing - so I can click "publish post" on Thursday!)

So, here are a few things that I am thankful for this week...

Without leftovers my family would starve some (most) evenings.
The trick is masquerading the leftovers!
Meatloaf gets turned into Pizza Casserole,
Easter ham gets turned into a ham and cornbread casserole,
even French Toast can be turned into a breakfast casserole -
guess what we are having Saturday morning.

My vacuum cleaner!
My vacuum is nothing special -
infact, it is a pretty cheap one...
but spring time is when I especially love this little helper!
There must be some craft that can be made from dog hair!
A toilet seat cozy?
Theresa can you knit anything with all this hair?

Nap time or should I say, quiet time?
okay, so days like today it is more like - "just stay in your room" time.
I can hear the girls playing, laughing, occasionally fighting over a toy -
but they are in their room. :)
And I can have some quiet time!
I love all my kids dearly! But as they say,
" everybody needs some time way..."

Switch flops
My friend, BK, introduced me to these wonderful shoes!
I have plantar fasciitis on both my feet -
most days are very painful as I am on my feet constantly.
But these shoes (the wedge style) are wonderful for my feet!
Never thought I would be able to wear flip-flops again!
Not to mention - it is so fun that I can switch the "flop"
(or is it the "flip") to go with my outfit.
Switch flops

My squeaky, clean kitchen floor
True, it is not always squeaky clean.
Infact, it is seldom "clean".
Though today it is very clean - mopped,
then spilt milk got me on my hands and knees -
then a dropped jar of pickle relish!
It's really clean now -
but with it being spring and the dog shedding I still wouldn't eat off of it!
But, it is a kitchen floor.
I am thankful for
God's provision for our family.
God continues to carry us day-by-day, moment-by-moment.
Keeping us safe and healthy!

Pickle relish doesn't smell like vinegar!
Thank you! Thank you!!
My whole house would stink right now!

Have a wonderfully thankful Thursday!
~ Jodi Sue :)


Shonni said...

So cute...I completely understand the left over thing!!!
Thank you again, for your sweet note at my email, friend!
loves sent,

Theresa said...

*LOL* Jodi you crack me up! I'll see what I can do. :]

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

Hey - I saw those switch flops for the first time last weekend... wondered if they were comfy!!!

Amy in Arizona said...

Very funny!! I wish I could be thankful for a somewhat clean floor, but mine is really gross right now!! I dread doing my floor because it takes at least an hour. And then once I am finished, the kids seem to notice that it looks too clean. The babies will then throw their plates, pudding on the floor and the dog always drinks too much water and gets sick! Why do I bother anyway?? I should do it before naptime...a clean floor AND naptime??? That would be heaven!!! Thanks for making me smile!!!


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