Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A family who throws eggs at each other... cracks up together!

How much fun are these confetti eggs?
Sooo much fun!!!
We've gone through a "few" boxes this week, at home,
at home school picnics, at soccer practice!
We may have to run by the store today and see if there are on sale!

Jailyn and Jorja have learned that it is safer to throw the eggs at a tree!
Good target practice too!
Jorja is worried about the mess they just made and
Jailyn wants more eggs!

Attack on brother!!

Stealth Kenzie... staying hidden, until the boys have no ammunition!


Alyson said...

Always such fun in the Anderson house!! I love the new picture at the top--how did you manage to (finally) get Brady to smile??!! Keep smiling, Brady!

Amy in Arizona said...

I love confetti eggs!! I remember growing up having to blow the eggs out of a little hole. We had to save them for carnivals at school. My husband has never heard of them. Maybe it is just a Texas thing??

Jay said...

What's that on Brady's face? I haven't seen that before in a photo?

I've gotta find me some of them confetti eggs!


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