Saturday, April 18, 2009


The game of tag has always stressed me out! I was never quick enough or tricky enough -
I was always "it"!
Could of also been because I was the youngest of four and therefore the slowest!
I might be able to out run my big brothers today -NOT!

Now "Blogger Tag" - this is even more stressful!!
I can never think of anything to come up with! I do love reading others tag lists though!
So I've decided to be a good sport and not hide and pout.
Especially since my new blogger friend, Shonni at Nations Around Our Table asked me to play, and I think she is an incredible person and can't wait to meet her in person some day!
Be sure to check out her blog!
God is using Shonni in incredible ways - you will be encouraged!

8 things I look forward to...
- Summer!!! It is hot here in Texas but that doesn't keep up down!

- taking the kids tent camping for the first time!

- my nephew is getting married!! Congrats Jason! Can't wait to see you in that Kilt!

- no more night time diapers - there is no end in sight at this time, but I look forward to the day!

- days at the water park with the kids! Yippee for season passes!

- begin Conner on a new OT program.

- welcome Brady, Kenzie and Uncle JB home after an incredible mission trip to Guatemala!
(wish I was going!)

- Christ's return!!

8 things I did yesterday...
- took Jailyn for more blood work -
she was up the night before with horrible abdominal pains again. poor baby girl!

- made a meal for my friend and her new born baby!
Oh, so sweet! Those sweet babies should come with a warning label! So beautiful!!

- worked on making Jorja's science project for school next week!

- worked with Conner on his topographical map.
I love to see him excited about school work!

- ran into some old friends at the grocery store!
I love unexpected chats with friends!

- a relaxing pizza dinner after the little girls went to bed.
It's nice to spend time with the big kids too.

- made some yummy cookies - white chocolate and craisin's!
- watched Survivor - a day late!
Come on already - get rid of Coach!

8 things I wish I could do...
- have time and energy to be a better friend to my girl friends!

- be a better, more patient mom to my kiddo's

- find answers for my two Sensory Integration kids!

- encourage people to adopt an orphan.
There are so many beautiful children that are hurting!
- go to Guatemala with Brady and Kenzie -
Uncle JB, you take care of my big babies! :)
(no pressure!)
- live in a huge house - with lots of bedrooms
(or a few big ones- so we can double up),
and beautiful acreage, so the kids can run!

- adopt more kids - to fill up that big house!
maybe one more baby - but more "older' kids.

- explain to everyone I see how much Jesus loves them
and what he did for them by dying on the cross!

8 shows I watch...
- Survivor ( from the 1st episode! Love it!:)

- Amazing Race - Go Luke!

- Dancing with The Stars! -
Can you tell I like to "people watch"!

- General Hospital -
I know... bad, bad, bad!


- Medium

- Without a Trace

- Cold Case
(what does this say about me?)

8 people I tag...
- Sue at The Morano Quartet
- Alyson at ThreeP's in a Pod
- Alyson at The Steiners
- Amy at Catching Butterflies 3
- Connie at Just one more ladybug...
- Amy at China Caboose
- Candy at Lemberg Life
- Tena at Eli-Eli- Oh
That wasn't so bad! Girls I expect y'all to play too!

Have a blessed weekend!


Shonni said...

Thank you sweet friend for playing was fun to find out more about you and your life.

Jay said...

Oh, I know you could out run your oldest brother! Just wait until you hear stories of him hiking up to mountain villages in Guatemala. If I'm taking care of your kids, who's taking care of the old man?


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