Saturday, April 11, 2009

Jorja being adventurous!

When we first felt God calling us to adopt an older child,
we mourned the idea that we would not be with her to
experience so many of her "firsts"...
first tooth,
first time she sat up,
first step she took,
first words...

But, we are experiencing many "firsts" with Jorja...
this is the first time Jorja feed ducks at the lake.
Trying to explain to her what we were going to do
was humerous - she was a bit confused...
Sooo glad that she is trusting us and
when we told her it would be fun
she was willing to join us!
She had a great time!

The funniest moment was when she was throwing bread
to the duck and the piece of bread landed right on
the small of the ducks back!
We giggled and giggled!
(so much I didn't get a photo :)

I love experiencing these "firsts" with my little girl!


Shonni said...

How very precious! Thank you for sharing this!

Alyson said...

I love all your pictures of your sweet girls!! Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!!

Amy in Arizona said...

I love all these pictures! So very sweet!! Hopefully I will be able to meet them someday maybe soon!!

Nicole said...

She is just beautiful!

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

We had the SAME concerns (senses of loss, I guess) with Alaina. But seeing so many things as firsts thru her eyes that we would normally take for granted with a 6 year old. Just the excitement when we get an ice cream cone from McD's... little things to us, but they just make her day!!!


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