Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sooo tired!

The day began last night at midnight! I was sound asleep - Bryan was in the family room watching TV, and I was awoken by a child screaming. I ran out of our room and asked Bryan if his show had crying kids on it - "No?" I heard the screaming again - ran to the girls room - it was Jailyn - holding her stomach in pain.

Poor girl! We spent the next few hours on the couch - as she screamed! She finally fell asleep so we went to my room. At 3:30pm Jojra woke up and realized Jailyn was gone - more screaming coming from that room. I went to get Jorja and she slept (well, laid with us) By 4am Jailyn was up again screaming in pain. Jorja was crying that I was giving Jailyn the attention - and Bryan slept. I wish I could sleep like that! :)

To make a long story short - because of a cancellation we were able to get Jailyn to wonderful Dr. Seidmeyer's office at 9:30am. Jailyn loves everyone at this office, for her to go to the office and not want to chat with everyone, and then say "no" to stickers - we knew she was sick! With Jailyn's raised white-blood levels and other symptons we were advised to go to Dallas to the Children's Hospital at Medical City, down the street from Bryan's office.

We got there at 11:45am and finally left at 7:30pm. You know you have had a long day when one nurse admits you, another nurse takes care of you all day, and yet another nurse checks you out. Jailyn got another blood test and some wonderful morphine. Thankfully she was able to sleep a few hours! Poor girl, she was in pain and was also terrified about being in a hospital room.
When we finally got to the CT Scan - Jailyn was in pain again and terrified again. Poor thing!

We received the results from the CT Scan - "all was clear, for now". Don't you just love that! :) Since her blood work is still elevated the Dr and nurse were still concerned... So, we will be keeping low for the rest of the week and weekend. Praying that her body fights whatever infection is in her system.

Thankfully we have wonderful friends who were able to take care of Conner and Jorja while I was at the hospital with Jailyn. Thank you so much ladies! Y'all are sooo dear to me! Hopefully, we can join you for lunch next time and not just drop off a few of my kids. :) Last night Jailyn wanted to go back to the play area. :)

Jailyn and Jorja are fast asleep as they both had exciting days.
And I'm off to bed too! Sweet dreams!


Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

Poor little girl and mommy! I'm finding that my "boring" moments are fewer and farther between with each child that is added to our family!!!

Jill said...

Poor girl! You guys too!
I will say a prayer for you all!!

2L3Bs World said...

You're such a tough mama for having kids and one with ailment like that. I would be so far out if any of my kids would shout from any pain.. Hope your baby girl recover soon. You got a lovely family and nice you know you..

Heather BT said...

Prayers my friend!
Heather BT

Amy in Arizona said...

I hope she is doing better and was able to sleep last night. That is scary!! My first thought was that it was her appendix, but I guess not!! I hope they figure out what it is/was and can take care of it!!

I forgot - which part of Texas are you in? We will be in San Antonio and Corpus next week! I can't wait to go back HOME!!!

Heather said...

We were thinking about you guys today! Hope Jailyn is doing better.

bugs parents said...

Wow, poor Jailyn! (and poor Mommy!) We'll be praying that Jailyn makes a speedy recovery - and sleep is in abundance in your home this weekend!

Bree said...

Praying for Jailyn - and the rest of the family - today. Hope you have a diagnosis soon, and that you're able to get some sleep in the meantime.

Valerie said...

That is awful Jodi. I hope she is feeling better, I hate it when they can't tell you what's wrong.

Is everyone else feeling ok? Did you test for kidney stones, I don't know if she was on any tainted formula in China, but passing a stone is excruciting.

Praying you are all doing better.

Love Valerie


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