Sunday, March 8, 2009

Now at Nine!

My friend, Lucy invited us to join her with her new weekly update idea - Now at Nine. Showing y'all what we are doing at 9am on a Saturday morning. Lucy and Doug have a high schooler, middle schooler a kindergartener and a pre-schooler. (We met them in China in January.) They are a busy family too - so I'm sure there will be no photos of them sleeping in on Saturday. :)
I decided to join Lucy - so this is our first "Now at Nine"...

Jailyn has been sick so Jorja has had to share a lot of attention with Jailyn. This has been hard on both of the girls. Mom's doing her best girls! :) Friday night was a night of non-sleep - 2:30 - 3:15am Jorja, 3:30 - 5:00am Jailyn, 5:30am -Brady up for a soccer game, 6:00am - Jojra, who never went back to sleep again. Jojra laid in bed with us for a bit - and then making too much noise that I had to get her out of there before she woke Jailyn, who was also in our bed.

So, Jorja and I went for a walk. It was a beautiful morning! A little wind but not too much! I love my single stroller because you can turn the seat around to face momma!
Jorja and I chatted for the entire hour walk. Pointing out every sound and going over the colors of nature. I'm not sure who had a better time - Jorja or mom! :) It was great alone time... together!


bugs parents said...

What a beautiful smile! A walk in the morning sounds lovely. Glad you were able to enjoy some special time together.

I thought about doing the "Now at 9", but mine were all still asleep! Maybe next week - nope, won't work either, I'll be at work. Oh well, maybe I'll pick another time.

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

No way PAM -- asleep? Not even Sara (15)! Our pics are somewhat boring, but that is our life (not really)! You could try "now at noon"! Thanks for joining the fun, Jodi. See how long I keep it up...

Dee said...

that is so nice. Today is the first day that Evelyn would look at pics of Jorja. Up until now, she would run away and say no no no. Today she actually sat and looked. We are well. Hope you are too!


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