Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Okay - so Jorja has come a long but we are really struggling trying to teach how to share. Certain things she is fine with - the plastic dishes that are both for her and Jailyn, clothing that is Jailyn's she has no problem telling Jailyn to share her things. Honestly, I didn't buy a lot of toys or clothing for Jorja before she came home, because I wasn't sure of her size of her development. We have purchased things for her, the clothes we have told her that they are for Jorja but the toys we make sure we emphasize that they are for sharing. She does have certain stuffed animals, back pack, bags, sippy cups, books that were especially given to her and we call them Jorja's. Jailyn respects these as Jorja's also but getting Jorja to understand this concept is very difficult.

Jorja has begun hording things. She does not want to play with these things but must keep them from everyone else.
We would really appreciate any advice of how we can work through this with Jorja.

A prayer request!!! Conner went to OT today. A new therapist came to get Conner - she told us that his regular therapist's husband died of a heart attack. He was only 30 years old. Please keep Ms. Joy in your prayers.


bugs parents said...

Wow - 30 years old. Kind of takes your breath away. Way too young for something like that to happen. We'll be praying for Ms. Joy and their families. Such a shock for them, I'm sure.

No advice on the sharing - sorry :(

NancyW said...

Poor Ms Joy - has to be devastating.

Regarding the hoarding, you may want to give Jorja a box/basket for her "special" stuff. Allow this to be reserved just for her and she is allowed to tell everyone else hands off. Ownership is a concept she has never been exposed to before, so needs to experience it.

However, limit the hands off to only stuff in the special box, which will minimize the amount of stuff she can put off limits. Jailyn will probably need her special box too, which will help Jorja reverse the concept. You may also want to pick a day where the girls can swap out stuff in their boxes, say Sunday after church. That way if a new item becomes an object of desire, an old item can come out to make room.

Another thing that works well for my girls is the concept of trading. If Sarah wants to grab what Elizabeth has, I try to get Elizabeth to give her something similar in trade, then show her how to incorporate that in the play. Mostly, the issue is being the "same" as sister, not the item itself.

Good luck!


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