Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We love Lapbooks!

We are new to home schooling and am constantly looking for ways to make learning fun for our kids, especially Conner. I found this wonderful method of learning called Lapbooks!
It's inexpensive and fun! Conner's fine motor skills suffer, due to his SID, so that art work helps him too.
We have done three lapbooks so far - China, Human Body and Soccer. Soccer was of course his favorite. Below are some photos of his work! He really had fun coming up with questions to research, finding the answers, and putting it all together - he is even proud of his mosaic picture! (Mrs. Smith, I hope you are proud of him - you know you are still his favorite Art teacher!)
Presently, he is working on a Lapbook about Sensory Integration Disorder. He is really enjoying this as he is also learning about himself! After researching activities that help a person with SID or SPD he asked if we could go to the park, because he felt like he needed to swing! This is a huge accomplish for Conner! So, we went after school and all the kids had fun! I think we all needed a little swing time! :)
Conner is using his Human Body lapbook as another material of reference for his SID book. It's great to see him make the connection!

We are doing a study on weather and when we are through the study we will make another lapbook as a review to the study! This is sooo much better for Conner then testing. :)

Jailyn loves her "home school" time too! Here are some photos of Jorja and Jailyn making their art work too! They loved cutting and gluing!


NancyW said...

Now that is a useful lesson! Learn about the body at the same time you learn about how to manage your own sensory issues. Context is a wonderful learning tool.

Amy said...

I LOVE reading all of your posts about sensory issues!! Carson was assessed by a developmental pediatrician as having sensory issues, but will be formally assessed with their OT in March. And it looks like Landon is following right in his footsteps! I didn't know that Jorja had sensory issues also. Is her hair just bugging her because it is itchy? I'm sure she will learn to live with it!!

Van said...

Hey Jodi!! Always fascinated how much you type on your blog and keep many of us up-to-date on your wonderful family's life. I'm just not as big of a typist at the end of the day. I can't do it from work, because they do log that information! I saw the earlier post about Jorja being Hep B free,YAY!! Garrett is doing well, and has plenty of little girls taking care of him around the neighborhood. Gracie has embraced him very well. Say hello to Bryan!!

Jimmie said...

Lapbooking is so adaptable. I love how you're making it work for C's special learning style.


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