Saturday, February 7, 2009


Okay, can you believe it? Jorja has been asking me all evening for a haircut!
Her hair has grown really fast - I'm thinking she must of gotten a haircut right before we met her.
Her Sensory Integration Disorder is pretty bad - so I understand that she is having a hard time with her hair growth but... sorry babe! We're growing it a bit more! :)

These photos are from our Valentine Party at Michele's house. (Our neighborhood playgroup!) Thanks for the fun time Michele! And your house is so organized I went home and began cleaning! You are such an inspiration! I think I need to come over more often! :)


Glaziersgirl said...

Omg Jodi, Jorja is gorgeous. I see Jailyn is beautiful as ever and everyone looks like they are adjusting well. I am so happy you finally got to bring her home. I am keeping you in my prayers, always.


Amy said...

You have to look at this blog and see the twin of Jorja. When I saw
their photos side by side I called Nicole to look. I think they are the same age. Go take a look. She lives in a Christian family in Texas. The address is...

Julie said...

She is so pretty. I am so happy the kids are having fun.


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