Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Paintball Fun!!

What a fun boy party!
And they could be outside! Conner had a very long birthday party this year!
He had 5 friends over to spend the night, get up early for pancakes or if you eat pancakes like Conner - a little pancake with your powdered sugar and syrup! And then we were off to play paintball! They played for a good 4 hours. They were surprised how badly the paint ball hurt when they got shot, but believe it or not - there was not one tear shed! I wasn't sure if they would last 10 minutes or the full 4 hours! :)
We had pizza and then headed home - the boys convinced "Coach" Bryan to take them to the park for some soccer! (Agreed, it didn't take much to convince Bryan to play soccer with them.) They were there for another few hours! And, again everyone got a long really well! We were beginning to get worried as they were all so tired from the birthday activities, but they handled it! :)
After most of the kids got picked up we headed to the soccer fields to watch a friends team play! Yeah, they won! Conner was still going strong! I think it helped being outside for the whole day! :) But, boy did he sleep in the next day! And showed his crankiness the next day - but that's okay. :)
Happy 10th Conner J! We love you!
Our friend Nick ready to roll!
My sweet girl ready to take the boys on! And book a party for her birthday!

Another Dad giving his sweet girl some strategic moves!
and score!!!
First injury on the field! Wow that looks like it hurts! This is when Sensory Integration Disorder comes in handy... "I didn't even feel it!"

Jorja and Jailyn loved the day too! We all love to be outside! Jorja is handling the Texas wind much better. It's all about peer pressure... she really wants a jacket with a hood - but Jailyn doesn't so Jorja gives in. :)


Heather said...

What a great day this was!
Now you need to update your about me profile for sure, the kids ages are behind, and all your kids are home!
More Acer videos for his favorite fans coming tonight!
Heather BT

Amy said...

Ouch! But it looks like he had a great time!! Happy Birthday Conner!! I did paintball once. It was inside with lots of smoke and Miami Vice music. I actually hated it because it hurt!! I LOVE laser tag though!!!

Jay said...

What a great party, CJ! It looks like you had such a great celebration! And Mac--lovin' the sweatshirt!


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