Friday, February 27, 2009

New teeth and new toy

Jailyn had to have 3 cavities filled and her chipped tooth filled. Originally, there were only 2 cavities, in her front teeth. During the procedure the dentist found another cavity in one of her crazy teeth. Because the ridge of her gum runs behind her front teeth- she has teeth growing back there too. (I know this probably doesn't make sense - sorry) - Anyway, one of those teeth also had a cavity. This makes me sad as we had hoped that her teeth would be strong and healthy for as long as possible. To strengthen her adult teeth we need her baby teeth to stay in as long as possible. We are thankful that her tooth chipped and we were able to get her to the dentist early enough that the cavities were small.

Jailyn did great with the oral sedation medicine. The assistants kept coming out to me telling me that she was the perfect patient! Love that! I'm going to have to take lessons from her next time I go to the dentist.
She did get sick a few times after the procedure but after a bowl of soy ice cream and a 4 hour nap she was ready to go and eat chips! :) (oh, she is her mother's daughter! )

That evening we went to Home Depot to get some play sand - and the girls had a ball!
Love this sand/water table!
And a much needed bath afterwards!
All is well!!

The next morning Jailyn asked if it was her birthday last night. I guess my kids don't get new toys very often. :)
And Jailyn, continues to thank me for bringing Jorja home. Today she thanked me for her house. So sweet!!!


Amy in Arizona said...

I didn't know that about leaving in the baby teeth as long as possible. Good to know!! We have a sand/water table too. Love it!! Looks like they are having a lot of fun together!!

NancyW said...

Love those matching outfits on Jorja & Jailyn. Poor Jailyn with those cavities. Elizabeth, our 7 1/2 year old just lost her first tooth Christmas Day, while Sarah lost 4 before she turned 5. While in China, our facilitator told us it was common for Chinese children to not loose their teeth until age 8!

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

Alaina's dental visit is on Tuesday - just for a cleaning and for a referral to the "Sedation Center" for her cavity fillings... doesn't that sound fun? Too bad we live so far apart!


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