Monday, March 2, 2009

My bed is too small!

Every Monday is laundry day at my house! The only place that I can fold laundry is on my bed - this is what it looks like after too many loads that I lost count. Crazy laundry today - but I am done for the week! :) Yeah!!!
Well, a few loads of soccer uniforms I'm sure will be happening later in the week!


Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

I have noticed a bit of an increase in laundry! Today's was all snowy and wet and muddy - but hey, how often do we get snow in ATL? Not too much, so we enjoyed it!

bugs parents said...

I think we all came home from China with the laundry monster in our suitcases! Mine never seems to end any more, either. How can one new little person add so much to the laundry pile?!

Your picture of you all in short sleeves and sun in February makes me envious! Like Lucy, we're dealing with snow here this week. While it's pretty, I'm sure ready for spring weather.

Amy in Arizona said...

I only do my laundry once a week and have to do it on my kitchen table. If I don't finish it, the kids have to eat at their picnic table!! I used to have a big island in my old house. I miss doing my laundry on that!!

connie said...

I love it! Just last week I took a picture of my kitchen table, looking just like your bed! How come we never have anything to wear - yet there is soooo much laundry?!?


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