Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jorja cracks me up!

Jorja is such a silly girl!
As she tries to learn English, she keeps us amused!
Here are some conversations that we have...
At Brady's soccer game last week - she pointed to him and said to me,
"Mamma, Billy!"
I agreed,"yes, there is billy."
She gave me a look that could kill... "No, Billya"
I had to mess with her... "yea, Billy"
"NO!!! Billya!"
and so on! :)

Every place that one might put clothing... hamper, washing machine,
drawer, bed (to fold laundry) is a "hampa". Too cute!

The other day riding in the car, Jorja was naming everyone again as she normally does...
and this time giving everyone nicknames...
"Kenzie ... sista", "Billya...bother", "Jailyn... mei-mei", "Conna... fei-sho"
Hummm... Conner and I weren't sure what she meant by fei-sho.
After asking her about this a few times - and she repeated the same words -
we (okay, I ) asked her if she meant "freak show". She laughed so hard and
now calls Conner "freak show"!
Conner loves the nick name! :)

Jorja is such a fun person to do laundry with! She loves to sort per family member
and then sort per color. She is so happy doing laundry! Love that!

I am posting some cute photos of her for a new blogger friend to check out Jorja.
Another friend thinks Jorja and another little girl from China look like sisters -
I'll see what the other little girls momma says before we show everyone their similarities.
Wouldn't that be cool if we found Jorja's big birth sister!


Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

Cool? That would be nothing short of miraculous! Hope you all are doing well -- Alaina is learning to yell; I know, delightful!

Mommy Spice said...

Hmmmmmm? They do look alike, especially the smile. Where is Jorja from? Spicy Girl is from Yueyang City, Hunan Province.


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