Saturday, January 24, 2009

What a difference a week makes!

A long week - but we made it through and we are all still smiling!
Many emotions ran through our house this week!
Dad being out of town all week, mom being sleep deprived, Jorja refusing to sleep, Jailyn needing extra comfort - did not make a good combination!
Many smiles, many silly faces, many interesting conversations - Jorja laughs so hard at me when I try to repeat her Cantonese, and many temper tantrums.
Jorja can be the sweetest, most fun loving little four year old - and then there is her stubborn side. Thankfully, these are fewer every day. The other day during a temper tantrum, I went to sit down and speak to her - and she spat in my face. Oh, soooo not good! Now we know why her paperwork from China said that she has socialization issues! Cause she chooses too. :) She likes to pick fights with Jailyn - but Jailyn, in her own little world never holds a grudge. Too cute!

Jorja's biggest lesson this week was to learn to say "I'm sorry". She expected others to apologize to her, but refused to apologize to others. After numerous "situations" she has finally been willing to apologize and hug.

Hopefully, we will be able to work on the whole going to be thing! The last two nights I have been able to get her to sleep on me on the couch. I hate this bad habit - but as she begins to trust us, we will work on getting her to fall asleep in her bed.
We haven't done naps most of the week - I don't have the energy to fight that one too. The night that she slept only 5 hours really put me under!

Enjoy some more photos from our week!

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