Saturday, January 24, 2009

Complete opposites!

My precious little cleft baby that still has a whole in the roof of her mouth - therefore, her nose is a mess most of the time, not to mention she has no problem eating and being messy!
And then there is my sweet 4 year old neat freak! Well, at least when it comes to when she is eating. Jorja has a napkin in her hands at all times. She has already taken over the chore of passing out napkins at the dinner table. :) Jailyn's eating habits are about to drive her nuts!


Jill said...

Yet both still as cute as buttons!!

Amy said...

I love the odd couple! I wish I could home school Philip. I'm glad its working for you.

Dee said...

Chun Xiao Evelyn is the same way! Which I love, but super neat and uses her napkin very well and likes to keep her hands clean while eating


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