Saturday, January 24, 2009

Homeschooling a 4th grader...

with two munchkins running around!
I wasn't too sure how this week of schooling was going to go for Conner and I trying to home school while we all get to know Jorja and she gets to know us. Last week Conner did a lot of make up work as he didn't get much work while I was in China.
He did great this week! On Tuesdays, he has Occupational Therapy in the morning - this is a great day to get things done. He is really on his game on Tuesday's after therapy. Thursday's are busy with Bible Study and hanging out with other home schooled friends. Conner has therapy again in the afternoon so we enjoy less "book" learning on Thursday's and use our time getting to know each other, chatting and reading together, as the girls enjoy some time at home after a busy morning and afternoon.
Though some days are easier then others - neither of us have regretted this move we made. Conner is learning, expressing his creativity, and is understanding that he can challenge himself without comparing himself to others. He has been off his medication since we began school. He is learning to deal with his frustrations on his own without medication helping him.
Now, how do the little ones come into play. They are really good at leaving him a lone for the first few hours. They are becoming so close. I have noticed Conner and Jailyn's relationship become stronger since he has been home during the day. (Conner has mentioned it too.)
While Conner is working on his own, the girls and I work on their "home work" (as Jailyn says.) Jailyn knows her numbers, ABC's, shapes, colors... so now we are teaching Jorja. Jorja to love to learn as much as Jailyn does. I'm not sure how much work Jorja has done with scissors before - I had to show her how to hold them but she caught on quickly and loved it! As they were working quietly, I was busy doing things - next thing I know the two girls are cutting over the trash can! Too funny!
So, to sum it up - school time is going well. Jailyn is still in speech school twice a week too - so that keeps us going too, and she loves to share what she learned with Jorja.
Jorja gets her pre-school evaluation this week - we'll see what they say about her and what school would be the best for her. I wasn't sure about putting her in school right away, but after she joined in on Caroline's b-day party after being home less the 24 hours, and going to Sunday school the 2nd week at church - I think she will enjoy some school time. I'm not sure I'll be able to send her off too many days in the week.

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NancyW said...

Scissors were a big hit in this house too. I think you would be wise to get Jorja in a school setting...that is a small regret I have with Sarah is not enrolling her in more days of pre-school. Remember that they are so used to being in a group setting that it is more comfortable to them than we expect. Plus because they have so much catching up to do, they need the extra time to experience things and learn how to behave in a school setting.


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