Sunday, January 4, 2009

Too cute!!

I just had to add a few more photos from last night just because Jorja looks so cute!
After a fun dinner at The Cow Bridge we were walking back to the hotel with some other families. One of the local store keeps stopped us and we stayed to chat for a while. The poor merchants are really hurting! Two years ago, the hotels were packed, the breakfast buffet was crazy busy - but now, this place is empty. Including our group there are only 12 families who are here adopting. It is amazing and so sad to think of all the kids who could be going home to their forever families, but because of government red tape - they still sit waiting!
Okay, enough of my soap box!
Here are the cute photos!

"Pleeeeze Baba!" We are still working over Baba for one of these coats for Jorja and Jailyn - if you would like to post your comment on how cute Jorja looks, this might help our cause! :) Jorja has become quite the shopper. When we first walked into this store last night - she went right to the shoes and began pushing them to see if they were squeaky shoes. :) Bryan was not very excited about that! Jorja is going to have a problem when we get home and her shoe bucket has much less then Jailyn's! We may have to remedy that fairly quickly!

Today we are off to the zoo and to a local shopping mall. The zoo should be fun - but Bryan has the same adverse reaction to shopping in China as he does at home! He gets grumpy! :)
Oh, another funny story.
Jorja is mostly potty trained, but we have pull-ups for her since we are still working on the whole language/trust thing. She gets very upset when she has an accident. Anyway, until last Monday she had never seen a western toilet. Well, by Wednesday, she would not even step foot in a squatty potty. Last night at the restaurant she had to go, so I took her (knowing she wasn't going to go), sure enough - she turns up her nose and shakes her head "no." I think Jorja is ready to go home too! She is cherishing the photos that I sent her last year. Now that she knows who we are - she loves looking through the album. Last night she fell asleep holding it! Kids Jorja is so excited to meet and play with y'all!

Love y'all!
4 more sleeps!!!


Candie said...

Yea, 4 more!!! What size shoe is Jorja? I know your family is soooooooo excited to see you soon! Great pics of your new little girl!

Jodi said...

shoe size??? 170
I don't know what that translates to in the US. :)
probably an 8. :)
thanks Candie!

Alyson said...

Love all these updates and adorable pictures!!! I vote for coats for the girls!! Come on, Baba!! =)Can't wait to hear about the whole family reunion!!!

Amy said...

I vote for the coats too! Maybe you can talk him into getting a bigger size so they can wear it in the future? I'm sure they are cheaper than in the US right?? And it looks like you will have to buy LOTS of shoes!! Have fun shopping!!!

Red Hot Angel Wings said...

I vote for the coats. When will you get a chance to buy coats in China again? Adorable!
Can't wait to see you when you get home.

Kennedy said...

Too cute. What a nice blog. I am looking for ideas for mine.

Kennedy-13 yrs old, adopted from China

Tena said...

My vote is yes for coats and many pairs of shoes!
Love the pics - can't wait to see you and hear about the big reunion!

NancyW said...

Jorja has such beautiful eyes! What a lovely face in that coat photo. Remind Bryan how much less shoes cost in China - just be sure to buy a few pair the next couple sizes up. Sounds like Jorja has already gained weight!

Alyson, the 3 P's Mama said...

Oh my gosh Jodi...we described time by how many sleeps too!!! And way to go Jorja on the adapting to western potties!!! One of the many HUGE changes and sounds like that one she has handled like a pro!

I am sure you are all ready to go home at this point. Paige cannot wait to see Jailyn again and has been very excited as I have shown her Jorja on here. I think she is excited to meet her too!:)

Hugs from us all to all of you. I'll be thinking of you on that lovely plane ride home.:)

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

Hey Jodi -- we are also so glad to be spending time with your family here in Guangzhou! I'll definitely put your blog in my list of favorites!!! Lucy

Dee said...

it is so wonderful to see that things are going so well. I like the costs. Whats the weather like? I see you guys in short sleeves. I checked the weather it says 77, is that accurate? funny about the toliets! hahaha


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