Saturday, January 3, 2009

A good morning!

This morning Bryan had a tough time getting up - so Jorja woke up to me. Thankfully she always wakes up happy! We had breakfast - which Jorja is not eating as much as before. We are hoping that she is realizing that there will be more food later, and she doesn't have to stuff herself at each meal. This is a huge leap in her trusting us!

After breakfast we met our group, 6 other families, to head to the Medical Exam office on the island. All passed with flying colors! Jorja was a bit nervous when we had forgotten some paperwork and Bryan had to run back to the hotel (about 10 minute walk) to get it. Jorja did really well though. She only asked for "Baba" a few times. I think she was more nervous about the some of the littler kids crying during the exam. Jorja is 30 lbs fully clothed and is 38 inches tall. And getting spunkier and spunkier!!

After the medical appointment, Bryan gave us some money and Jorja and Mama went shopping! She loved this and never asked for Baba! The first store we went to didn't have any shoes her size - I was worried that she would be upset when had to leave empty handed -but she did great! She held my hand and we skipped and giggled down the street! She had to tell every one she saw, "Hellloooo!!! Bye Bye!!" So there goes the idea of her being shy! I just can't wait to get home and see her and Jailyn running around the house giggling and playing!!!

On the bonding issues, she is doing much better. Another Baba said to me this morning, "it was beautiful to see Jorja sitting, cuddling with you at breakfast!" I agree! It was beautiful! She has actually followed me around the room and seeking me out today. Oh, this makes mama sooo happy!
She will still give the look. "get out of my face", but she is now doing that to both Bryan and I, and to strangers. We have been correcting her on this - it is so rude!

Thank you to all of you who have been praying for us! It has also helped meeting other christian families, and being able to chat with them, and encourage each other! Thank you to those who have lost such encouraging comments and emails! This helps so much!

Can't wait to be home!!! 5 more sleeps!
Tonight we are headed to Thai restaurant The Cow Bridge. We went last time too - it is good. (No snake tonight - maybe another night!)
Love to y'all!
Enjoy the photos from this morning!
Jen, isn't this a cool bamboo plant? I thought you would enjoy it!
Playing with the camera always puts a smile on Jorja's face!
Yea! She's sitting on my lap!
Jorja didn't have her eyes checked but I thought this eye chart was cool!

Shop Til' you drop!!! New squeaky shoes - thank goodness the squeak comes out!


Amy said...

what good news! keep brave are doing the good work!

Heather said...

Wow, She's 1/2" taller than Acer, but he has 7 pounds on her. I didn'y guess they'd be that close.
Heather BT

Jill said...

Who DOESN'T love squeaky shoes? LOL! My favorite pic is the one of her on your lap however!

Jackie said...

So good to hear that things are going better! Yay! Thanks for the pics. It's good to "see" what's going on! =) Keep your chin up, girlie! We're praying for all of you!

Alyson, the 3 P's Mama said...

Yay squeeky shoes!!! They are a tradition!! So glad you found some in her size and that she is warming up to you so much more. That had to be so hard Jodi!

And no, NO SNAKE!!! But gotta love me some Cow and Bridge!!!


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