Monday, January 5, 2009

3 more sleeps!

And the countdown begins!(I actually began counting down as soon as we arrived.) We had a fun day today - but after touring with our group we all went to our separate rooms to put the kids down for their naps. When we met up again we realized it was still Monday! A long day!!! and we are all ready to go home!
Jorja took her photo album of the family to breakfast - and had to show our server her new family. Jorja is so proud of her brothers and sisters!
After breakfast we went to visit the Chen Family House now a Museum. We have more photos but this is my favorite!
We also went to the local mall for shopping and lunch. Jorja enjoyed the CD store and the headphones!
We went to lunch at Pizza Hut. It was funny that most of the families we are touring with ended up there for lunch too. We are all missing American food! Not sure if its the taste we are missing or the comfort! Probably the comfort! - Though chips and queso sounds really good to me (okay so we miss Tex-Mex!)
Anyway, at the Pizza Hut another family was telling us how the Chinese will fill up their "one trip to the salad bar" bowl super high! We were giggling - then a women began doing it! Couldn't believe how high she got it - she must be an architect because she had the firm foundation and potato salad for mortar - she had it going on! Anyway, this challenged our friend adorable daughters Lauren and Sarah! They spent about 5 minutes putting their bowl together! There was enough salad and fruit in there for their family of six! Too funny! These girls are adorable! I wish Kenz was here to hang with them! Maybe we can meet up with them in the states some time!
This a photo home from the market - actually, this traffic is not too bad. Usually there are more bikes and pedestrians weaving through the traffic! Our guide/friend Rebecca doesn't drive. She says "too scary!" I agree!
After nap time we met with some of the group for dinner. Robert and Van went out for Snake! They had a great time! They showed us photos so I know they didn't chicken out like we did! Roberts wife, Pam and kids, the Pophams and us went to Lucy's for some safe food. It was a beautiful night. I had a light sweatshirt and was warm. We were able to put some tables together on the patio and had a great time. We got there at 6:30'ish and didn't leave til after 9pm. When the kids were done eating there was room for them to run around. This was great! and much needed socialization for all the kids! Jorja has been good at playing by herself or with Dad and Mom but hasn't made the jump to playing with other kids, until last night! Her new friend Elizabeth is 6 and I'm sure they will be pretty tight on today's adventures. The Pophams little guy, Jake, has not left his Mom and Dad's side - he was off playing with Jorja. They were collecting leaves and just having a great time. Jake's parents were so excited! They were soooo cute together!! I know this photo doesn't look like they were happy, but I think the look was one of "another picture? can't we just play?" :)
A perfect end to the day... Jorja was so dirty when we got back to the room! She has had a bath every other night and she has not been happy about them - so it's always a time that I dread, but oh well - had to be done. This was the first bath that she played with the bubbles and laughed! It is so wonderful to see her trust us more and more! When getting out of the bath she wanted me to use the hairdryer on her. You know, her silky locks :) We thought she looked so cute wrapped up in the little towel!


Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

Our girls are so happy that you "featured" them on your blog! They couldn't wait to build that fruit mountain. So glad that Jorja is enjoying the bath - that, too, is a big step!

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

Me again -- I can promise you that we will be in some Mexican restaurant within 2 days of being home (that may be a generous time allowance). That is our very favorite and we miss it!

bugs parents said...

What a fun evening that was! I agree, I think the kids all needed to be able to just run and play - like children are supposed to. The zoo today should be fun!

It's neat to see the relationships the children are all forming with each other - both the newly adopted and those who came on the trip.

Heather said...

Can't wait to hear the stories of your whole family together!
Heather BT

Amy said...

What great pictures! I love the picture of Jorja in the towel. She looks like she had fun in your hotel room "spa!" That is too funny that she wanted you to blow dry her hair! Does she even have enough hair to get wet when she gets out of the tub? Have a great time at the zoo!!

David and Sarah said...

Just found your blog and realized that we have a few things in common. We also just adopted a 4 year old from China. She is our third child from China. We also have 3 girls and two boys, similar in age to your children.

So glad that your new little sweetie is doing well.

Blessings to you!

Jobiker said...

Such a beautiful little girl. She already looks so comfortable with you both. Enjoy your last magical few days in China and have a safe journey home!

Valerie said...

Hi Jodi,

Jorja is blooming like a flower under your loving care. I love her smile.

Email me your flight number/date/time we would love to see you if we can make it, unless you are too tired or want family time.

You'll be home before you know it.

Love Valerie

Amy said...

She looks happier every day!


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