Thursday, January 8, 2009

Shoes, Swearing in and Saying so long

Updated with more photos that wouldn't load last night!

This is our last post from China - we are exhausted and ready to get to bed before our long day tomorrow!
Today was an eventful day! We went back to the mall that we had been at the other day. This time we had a game plan! Course, Jorja had a plan of her own - shoes, shoes and more shoes!!

Oh, and look at the kids we played with at the mall! The kids scare me to death - as they just run around without their parents! (Even these little ones!) This has and is still a hard lesson for Jorja to learn, she just wants to run off and play! She may have a leash on her for a while until she learns to stay with us!

This is my newest Chinese friend, Judy. She owns a shop near the White Swan. She is lovely and a joy to chat with. And always gave us "a good price"! :)

When we returned from shopping Bryan and Jorja went to lunch with another family while I went to the room to pack. I was worried that Jorja would get upset if she saw me putting all of her stuff away in the suitcases. It is hard to tell how much she understands about where we are going in the morning. She seems to be okay knowing that all of her favorite snacks are packed in Mamma's backpack! Please pray for us as we return home - this could be very stressful for her!

This afternoon we all went to the US Consulate for our Swearing In. I think the visit to the Consulate is really to just have the officials verify our passports and give us Jorja's paperwork needed for citizenship and then they add a little swearing in ceremony to look more official! Either way it was uneventful. But, again nice to get out from the hotel area.

Upon our arrival home we ran to Judy's shop to finish a bit of shopping. Judy is pictured above. If any of you are traveling this year - please visit her shop! She is a joy! She loves to talk to Americans! She told me that I should have come in earlier just to talk - no need to buy anything. :) Jorja had a fun time there - she picked out her first barretts and is so proud of them! She also decided that she needed to grab another umbrella and pose for a photo! She is such a ham!

We spent the rest of our evening with our friends having a pizza party! It was so nice to just hang out together and let the kids wear themselves out! I think we are all exhausted! In fact, one friend is so sick she didn't join us - Loree, I'm sorry I didn't get to see you but totally understand! Hope your flights go well tomorrow and you get feeling better soon! Love you friend - keep in touch!!!

Last bubble bath in China! Jorja was excited about her bath tonight! And loved washing with bubbles, even her hair! The towels and hair dryer are the best part though!

See y'all in The U.S.of A.!!!!


bugs parents said...

It has been a pleasure to get to know you and part of your family this week. It is one of the highlights of our 2008-09 trip to China.

Safe travels home, my friend. We'll be in touch soon!

Amy said...

Have a good flight! I look forward to the first photos of you home with the whole family. It looks like you are finally bonding ok. It will be normal in time...I'm sure it's not 100% normal yet. She's beautiful! What a new world stands before her. How wonderful!

Amy said...

Have a GREAT trip home. I hope it is uneventful!! I can't wait to see Jorja with her brothers and sisters!!!

BTW - You have been a most excellent blogger!!

Heather said...

Almost there my friend, almost at the moment your whole family comes together.
Heather BT

The Vest Nest said...

Praying for your safe return! Can't wait to get the kids together!

NancyW said...

Love the towel and tub photos -

Safe travels and be sure to check your e-mail when you get home for extra special news regarding another Suixi girl with a new family!

Julie said...

Almost home. I hope you have a great flight home.

Dee said...

Hey Jodi Sue. I have googled Chun Xiao, and it came up this Mandrin Poem (sp?) and I You Tubed it too, and I guess it is some historical poem? I will have to ask our guide. It is on You Tube see if that is what Jorja is saying?

shelley said...

Have a safe trip home. I love a girl who knows how to accessorize. So thankful you have shared your journey with us.


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