Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Baba!

Yesterday was Bryan's birthday!(today at home, I guess) He had a nice quiet day (just what he wanted) and even got to see a professional soccer field in China. Unfortunately, he didn't get to play on it but it was great to see! We thought it would be fun to take in a game but then looked at the bleachers! I will never complain again about the bleachers that we have at our soccer fields!

We had a nice morning at a city park. I know the park had more meaning then I actually took in. Bryan ran around to all the different museums but Jorja and I stayed and played with the other kids. It was so good to see the kids playing and laughing together. They are so cute when they see each other during the day. They all just light up! Bryan had our camera at the museums so I will have to beg others for their photos - there is an adorable one of them all sitting on a canon. So sweet to see this kids and see love, joy and hope in their eyes. There wasn't that look in the eyes of Jorja's friends at the orphanage.

When we got back to the hotel we had noodles for lunch in our room. While we were eating someone knocked at the door - Hotel manager and staff member with a beautifully decorated table, plates, forks, and a birthday cake for Bryan. They didn't sing but that is okay. :) The cake was yummy! Thanks Rebecca for thinking of him!

While we were at the park, Rebecca was busy with our paperwork at the US Consulate. Everyone's paperwork went through without a problem! We were a bit nervous as we still didn't have Jorja's passport until hours before Rebecca's appointment time at the Consulate. But all is good!
Today we have our swearing in ceremony at the US Consulate. YEA!!! When Jojra first steps down in the San Francisco airport tomorrow she will immediately be a US citizen!!!
Traditional Red Couch photo was traditionally stressful. I don't know what it is about that couch but none of the kids like it - it's kinda like making your kid sit on Santa's lap! Many tears for many kids. But it's still cute! and a memory!
The family group shot was fun too! These families are very dear to us! As I was telling one of the teenage girls, they have been such an encouragement to us! It's amazing how much fun strangers can have together! Love y'all!


bugs parents said...

Even though it will be good to get home, it will be sad to leave all the new friends we've made in the past week.

Hope the packing goes well!

Bree said...

Still praying for the adjustment and a safe trip...looking forward to seeing you and meeting your precious girl!!!

Dee said...

have a safe trip home. You look wonderful together.

connie said...

Travel mercies on your way home and a joyful union with your family! We're praying for you all!


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