Saturday, January 10, 2009

We're home!

I will show pictures soon but wanted to check in and tell y'all that we made it home safely and all in all the flights were uneventful! Thankfully! :) Jorja was amazing!!! She is a great traveler! Even when our flight was extended because we missed our connection flight in LAX. She didn't even mind the car seat! When we arrived in Dallas we met our family and some friends at a local restaurant! It was so wonderful to see everyone again! We thought Jorja would be really shy and hang on Bryan. We got to the parking lot - and Jorja met our family first and took to Kenzie immediately! We played and chatted outside the restaurant for about 30 minutes until we were seated - by then Jailyn and Kenzie were inseparable! Bryan asked if he should sit by Jorja - she was already surrounded by Kenzie and a friend of ours 6 year old daughter. She was in heaven! She had so much fun at dinner - but not as much fun as I did! I don't think I ate much - I was just so glad to be home with my family and friends!!

When we got to the house, Jorja was amazed at all the toys! Jackpot!!! After playing a while it was time to settle down for the night. She was so tired but was so scared and confused. She cried/whined while sitting on my lap on the couch for about 20 minutes and when we went to my bed where she whined for another 20 minutes. She finally decided to give in and cuddle up with me and fall asleep. She slept through the night! :)
Today she has done great! Amazingly great! She played all morning and then we went to another 4 year olds birthday party (Jailyn's friend from Preschool). Thinking she would be shy and sit on my lap while the other girls played - I was totally wrong!! After about 5 minutes of standing playing with a few toys she was ready to join the girls for the party! She dressed up in a princess dress and got makeup on! She even modeled her dress on the cat walk! She loved it!!

Jailyn is doing well too. She was so excited to see us last night! She kept asking me - "Momma, are you coming home to my house?" Jailyn snuggled with me on the couch too and soon fell asleep! It has been so good to hold her again!
The whole sharing issues have come up today, but they are learning! It's been better then expected! It helps that Jailyn likes to run and jump and Jorja likes to play house and with the baby dolls! Right now Jailyn is playing in her tunnel, and Jorja is playing house - chatting in Cantonese! Too cute! They did think taking a bath together was the best thing ever! :)

Brady had a soccer tournament today so we were at the school at 5:45 am. His first game was at 8am and 45 minutes away. Since the rest of the house was still asleep I went to see his first two games. It was SO good to be at a game again! When I got home Bryan left to go to Brady's other games. Of course, Brady came home hurt! He got kicked in the shin - it is swollen really bad - guess time will tell.

After the birthday party, the kids and I went to Target. Jorja got 2 new pairs of shoes, a pair of jeans and two shirts. She was so excited! When we got home she emptied the bags and asked Kenzie to help her take tags off and put her things away! Guess she is feeling at home!

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers! Please continue to pray as we have Jorja's "special need" tested again. Two of the kids who were adopted with our group last week went to their medical check-up (like all adopted kids do) and their "special need" was cleared up and they got a clean bill of health! What a blessing! Praying the same for Jorja!

Apologizes if this post doesn't make a whole lot of sense... I am patiently awaiting bed time!


NancyW said...

Nothing like jet lag to help you get up for those early morning games! Glad to hear Jorja is already right in the middle of all her family's activities. 2 home and 2 more waiting.

Heather said...

Prayers going up my friend
Heather BT
PS glad you made it home safely

Jill said...

Welcome Home!
Glad to hear that overall things are going so smoothly!
Can't wait to see pictures!

Amy said...

Talk about no rest for the weary!! You get home and get right back into the busy life of a soccer mom! It looks like Jorja enjoys all the fun! Hope you can get some rest sometime in the near future!!

Valerie said...

I can't believe you went to a game and party after just getting home.

We are STILL jet lagged and we got home last May.

The girls look adorable together, and I am so impressed with your ability to make anything you take on not only possible, but easy. I know it's not, but you have a gift.

Love Valerie


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