Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Learning more about Jorja!

With the language barrier it is difficult to tell what Jorja understands academically. She loves to mimic what ever is said to her. Trying to get her to say, "please" or "thank you" Bryan usually says, "What do you say?" she repeats "Wat d yu zaa?" Okay, she does do the "please" sign. :) She seems to be relaxing with us - as she just rambles stories to us in Cantonese. I so wish I knew what she was say! I can't wait to be able to actually hold a conversation with her. :)

We pulled out the blocks the other day. We learned the word "same". J & J enjoyed matching their blocks and shouting "same!!! same!!!"
It was interesting to see that Jailyn liked to stack the blocks and Jorja liked to line them up. We finally were able to encourage Jorja to stack the blocks.
We then sorted the blocks per colors. Jorja wanted the green ones, and Jailyn wanted the blue ones. The two girls were so cute!

Today I caught Jorja doing her best to count her blocks, at least I think that's what she was doing. I love watching her play by herself. She just chats with her stuffed animals - or chat on her play cell phone, I really wish I new what she was saying!


Red Hot Angel Wings said...

Oh Jodi,
I just love reading the post about the girls. It must be amazing to watch them grow and learn. I can't wait to meet Jorja and see Jailyn interacting with you.
Love you, Jeri

NancyW said...

Lining things up must have been a favorite game at Suixi. Sarah does that with a lot of things like blocks, Littlest Pet Shop critters, and drawing lines and lines of small circles on a page.

We're so glad that Jorja seems to have much more language foundation than Sarah had - that will make the jump to English easier for her. The only verbal concept Sarah seemed to have had was counting...she counted the fish in the White Swan ponds in Mandarin.

What a good fit that J & J can learn concepts such as opposites together.


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