Friday, January 16, 2009

"She has black hair like me!"

Jailyn has never seemed overly concerned about the fact that she was the only one in the family with black hair and brown eyes. I have tried to put emphasis on the fact that I also am the only one with green eyes and red hair. Yesterday, while Jailyn and Jorja were playing, Jailyn looked and me with excitement, "She has black hair and brown eyes like me!" It was so sweet!
Tonight Jailyn sparked another adorable conversation:

J: Mom, did you go to China?
M: Yes honey!
J: Did you go to China to bring Jorja home to me?
M: Yes honey!
J: Jorja, my sister?
M: Yes honey!
J: (with her sweet, huge smile) Thank you Mommma!
I love my sister!

For those wondering how they are getting along - this sums it up! Of course, there are moments of learning how to share, but for the most part - both of them are doing really well. They love running around together and are great at helping each other!

At times Jorja seems to be the younger sister but for the most part she is taking the role of big sister to Jailyn and younger sister to the big kids! She is really bonding with each one of them. She warmed up to Kenzie first but has gotten close to Brady and Conner in their own way too. Brady keeps her laughing, Conner loves to play soccer or reading books to her, Kenzie is her second mother and my right hand man! Kenzie is amazing! I don't think I could do two toddlers without her help. I try not to take advantage of her but she always seems to be there with a helpful heart!

Though in China Jorja seemed to be a bit slow on the whole potty training thing - since we have been home she is only wearing diapers at night. During the day she is wearing panties and doing great! We use a sign language sign for "potty" because she is unable to pronounce "potty" - I can't even spell what she actually says. :) She is able to pronounce "poopa" though! :) (That's always lovely in public!)

Here are a few photos of our time home so far! Can't believe tonight is a week that we have been home. Bryan, Jorja and I are still struggling with jet-lag, but trying to make the best of it. I have been back to my Chiropractor for my muscle-spasms in my back - love this office! They even have a massage therapist - much more relaxing then the massage in China.
Okay, so I know you can't see their eyes - but look at those sweet smiles! They love the trampoline! Jorja's orphanage had one in the playroom - she loves it!
Jorja loves playing with play-doh!
Happy 10th Birthday Conner J! So glad we were home for your birthday!
Not the best photo, but the first one of all five kids! Aren't they cute!
Jorja loves loud toys - oh, goody!
Jorja is enjoying learning how puzzles work. This next week we will begin working specifically on her fine motor skills.


NancyW said...

Love that conversation with Jailyn about getting her a sister! Interesting that Jorja has her 'birth order' figured out. Sarah was the oldest in her orphanage group, so we wondered how she would adjust to being the little sister, but she thrives in that role!. Sarah loves puzzles too - she likes to trace the pieces of her shape and number puzzles.

Amy said...

Love the pictures and Jailyn's realization!! Hmmm....maybe I need to get a sister for Presley that has black hair and brown eyes just like her!! Maybe in a few years!! I can't believe you have only been home a week! Everyone looks settled in well!!

Julie said...

I love the pictures and Jailyn's conversation. I am happy that all is going well.

Valerie said...

This is the post I've been waiting for, the girls look amazing together and this is why you went back to China, Jailyn's conversation sums it up perfectly.

What you accomplish with your determiniation is amazing to witness.

Do you ever "rent" Kenzie out? I could use a great right hand gal.

Love Valerie

Loree Popham said...

So great to see pictures of Jorja with your family. I really miss her beautiful smile! Looks like she is adjusting so well! Jake is doing great. He seems so happy and content in our home. The kids have been such a huge help. We feel so incredibly blessed!
We had such a great time getting to hang out with you guys. Thanks for all your prayers and words of encouragement. We look forward to keeping in touch. Love and hugs-Loree

Loree Popham said...

So great to see Jorja with her whole family! I miss seeing her precious smile.
Jake(Chairman) is doing Great! He seems so content and happy. Our other kids have been such a huge help! They are having so much fun with him. What a little gift from God!
We loved getting to hang out with you guys and look forward to keeping in touch. Our love and hugs-Loree

shelley said...

Jailyn is so sweet with asking do you go get her for me....

Claire still sees ANY Chinese girl and says..."that's me!"


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