Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Sorry we have missed your first High School soccer games! We love you! Play hard!
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BevWitt said...

Oh Jodi Sue, I remember how hard it was towards the end when all you want to do is just go home and see your family and sleep in your own bed and eat American food (esp. Tex-Mex)! Not much longer now, hang in there! Delaney has been loving the pictures. It reminds her of things we did when we were in China. Remember to pack snacks for the trip home!

Sara said...

You are on the home stretch now!!! I so remember those feelings...just get me to the airport, on the plane, and HOME!!

Your little Jorja is just a doll!!

We went to the Family Store on the island and bought some snacks for the trip home...esp the fruit snacks(they are the little cute packages under the glass counter..assorted flavors(like our American chewy fruit snacks)..Quinn loved those. Jordan told us about the little grocery store...instead of 7-11. We often went there for little snacks and noodle bowls...oh and gum :-)

Loved following your journey in China....


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