Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Every day gets better and closer to home!!

Jojra is doing great with us! We are so happy at the changes that she has made since December 29th! She is using English and sign language very well.
These words she uses in the correct context:
all done
Bye- Bye
good girl
one - two - three
Signs that she is beginning to use:
all done
noodles (Jorja's gave us this sign!)

Breakfast is buffet, and Bryan takes a few trips back and forth - she is usually concerned where baba goes and I tell her that he is going to get more food and he will be right back - (communicating this to her in sign and a little bit of Cantonese). Well last night Jorja and I were walking around the hotel playing, and we saw baba. He decided to play peek-a-boo and hid behind a wall. She didn't know where he went and looked at me and said in Cantonese, he'll be back later... and signed noodles and then eat! LOL! We thought it was sooo funny! When Baba leaves he must be going to get more food! :)
We spent the morning at the zoo - it was a beautiful day and so nice to just walk around casually! Jorja only had an attitude problem once (the photo of her pouting.) I believe she was getting hungry, but she doesn't know that she is hungry - just knows that she doesn't feel right. After a bag of goldfish she was happy and running around again! That was the only time that she threw a fit all day! So nice!

Some of the other ladies and I went to get a massage! It was quite the experience! I loved it! But was so glad to be with my girlfriends - it wouldn't of been half as much fun without them! The price couldn't be beat either, 90 minute massage for 10 bucks!!! I want to go again! I highly recommend this and wish I had known about it last week - may have helped with my stess! Karla, we think it should be added to the whole tour package! We are sending the men today! Bryan has to go - it's his birthday present! :)

One more photo of happy Jorja! She sure loves the camera!

Today is our Consulate Appointment and our Red Couch Photos and then a Dinner Cruise. Then tomorrow begins, last minute shopping and packing to come home!!! YEAH!!!
Conner J, I hope you are doing your school work! Don't stress though! I love you and Brady, Kenzie and Jailyn!
Oh, and thank you to Jailyn's pre-school teacher! Your email and photos were perfect! Thank you sooo much! I needed to see her precious face!


Beverly said...

she is precious. congrats!!

NancyW said...

Ha, Ha! We recognize that pouty face! Sarah has one almost identical to it! We are delighted that Jorja has so much language already. Noodles is a favorite word around here too. Baba, the great hunter and provider of food for the family!

Julie said...

I have loved following along on your journey to Jorja. Thanks for the size reference. It helps to know exactly what to buy.

Amy said...

That massage looks pretty good. You sound so happy to be heading home soon. Enjoy your last days there. I'm so glad it's getting better!


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