Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More kiddos will be united with your families soon!

This is a very exciting time as we wait to finally hold our little girl! We are also very excited for other families we know who will be united with their children soon!
Xiao Evelyn's parents just received there preciouse LOA!! Yeah!! We are hoping to travel with Dee and Jason, as Jorja and Xiao Evelyn are best friends in China.

This was Xiao Evelyn's 4th birthday. Xiao Evelyn is direct center - Jorja is on her right side, with the panda bear.

A friend from college (many years ago), Dawn and her hubby, Charles, just received her referral of her little guy in China. It's he just adorable? They should travel this spring/summer to him!

There are two other families who are also using our adoption agency whom I have not met yet, received their LOA a week prior to us. We are hoping to travel with them too.

Another family, the brother of another friend from college is adopting a little girl from India! They have waited so long to be with their little sweetie! And finally they are closer to holding her.

I was also able to speak with another friend this week who needed some encouragement after a few domestic adoptions fell through. She and family are ready to jump in, to begin an international adoption. This is so exciting to me! To hear about so many kids whose parents are finally finding them. Though these three kids may not be home for Christmas this year - they will never be without family again!

Pray with us that these families will be united quickly!
Of course, there are many other families who are on the verge of being united. Many of them I lurk their blogs, but I don't know them personally so I don't feel that I can post their stories. If you would like to read more stories feel free to follow the blogs on my side bar.

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