Wednesday, December 10, 2008

First snow of the year!

Not this much snow and
if you hadn't been outside playing soccer last night you may not have even noticed. But believe me, Brady will remember this years first Texas snow this year happened on Dec 9th! His high school had a fun time last night - they invited the parents to a pizza party and meeting and we were also able to watch the boys scrimmage for an hour. The scrimmaging began inside, on the beautiful indoor field (yes, in side the high school). Then, they moved us outside! Jailyn and I bundled up again to brave the winds and cold. (Thankfully I cam prepared and didn't dress like a brave northerner in Texas!) The boys were freezing! As we made our way to the outdoor field, I noticed some drops - after careful examination - I realized it was snow! Not sleet, actual snow!! Wow! The parents were allowed to watch the game from the press box, with heater!
The teams look good and we are excited for our first high school soccer season! I even signed up to volunteer - oh, what am I thinking? Just teasing, they were nice to me and gave me Communticatios - so I just have send out emails! Yeah, I can do that!
I'm off to warm up the car before I get the girls to school.

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connie said...

We had our first snow too, and it was beautiful! So, you leave when???? We can't wait to follow along :)
Blessings from OK


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